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   Company Veko Group was founded in 2004 in the town of Smolyan. After the first year of its establishment, the company started with an investment project in the winter resort Pamporovo, which was named Pamporovo Village, consisting of 50 ski chalets. The company managed to realize it in less than 18 months and quickly requires the English market. In 2005-2006, Veko Group takes part in 28 real estate exhibitions in Britain, which are among the largest of its kind in the world, for example A place in the sun and Homes Overseas. The company won the trust to investors in the UK and managed to put in operation over 600 properties for less than three years. In 2007 Veko Group wins prestigious award of the Municipality of Smolyan - Investor of the year, and in 2008 Veko Group wins the same award and is personally awarded by the mayor of the town. 

  After the start of the global financial crisis in 2008, Veko Group made several extremely brave steps by opening offices in Moscow and Thessaloniki (Greece) and on the background of the collapsed global economy, starts a new project in Sunny Beach (Sun Gate), which the company presents on several exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg as well as in the largest real estate exhibition in the world - City Scape Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and also managed to attract investors even from the Arabian Gulf. 

   Now Veko Group has behind it over 85 000 square meter area put in operation and two ultra modern complexes under construction, of which one in Sunny Beach (Boomerang) and one on the first line in Sozopol (Veko Beach), with a total buil-up area of 17,000 sq. meters. As part of Veko Group are the following companies: 

    - Nera Consult Ltd 

    - Town Properties Ltd. 

    - Veko Estate Ltd. 

    - Forest Nook Management Ltd. 

    - Sun Gate Management Ltd. 

   Veko Group successfully manage and care for the properties of its investors and is already well known in the Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Greek, English and German tourism market. 

The company will continue to grow up in the field of construction, tourism, inexhaustible energy sources and will seek new opportunities of expression! 

   What will be next?

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