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Ski resort Pamporovo

Курортен комплекс Пампорово

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   Pamporovo is a modern ski resort in the heart of the Rhodopi mountain, the mountain of the mythical singer Orpheus. It is the most southern skiing resort in Europe. It is the sunniest Bulgarian mountain resort with wonderful snow throughout the whole season. Pamporovo is situated on 1650 m above the sea level at the foot of Snejanka peak(1926 m). It is 240 km away from Sofia and 85 km from Plovdiv.

    Pamporovo has an exclusive climate featuring a soft winter with about 120 sunny days during the skiing period. The significant influence of The Aegean Sea appears here and the skiing season starts from mid - December to mid - April. The average air temperature is - 3 ° C. The gentle profile of the mountain with its rounded slopes and summits makes Pamporovo particularly suitable for beginners. But there are also difficult ski runs like the Giant Slalom run which is an excellent exercise for every skiing expert.

  All ski runs are safe guarded and maintained in a very good condition. More than 100 highly qualified ski instructors fluent in different languages are here to teach both beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Ski rentals are available near the ski runs and the lift stations.
  The ski runs in Pamporovo come in all hardship levels. They are located between 1926 and 1450 m above the sea level on the northern, eastern and western slopes of The Snejanka peak. The most difficult ski run is "The Wall".
   All major ski runs start from the peak of the mountain, where the TV tower is located.
Great off-piste skiing and snowboarding is available in this resort, however we recommend using a local guide when going off-piste.

   We recommend a day trip to Plovdiv or the nearby town of Smolyan. Sofia and the Bachkovo Monastery are of great interest too.

   Being one of the most popular mountain resorts in Bulgaria Pamporovo has a lot to offer for the skiers and snowboarders who love to party and have a good time after the enjoying days on the slopes.
   In general there are many places that worth visiting, and there are no places that look similar. Every bar, pub or disco has its unique style and atmosphere. The local people have developed a good selection of places to go.
   The staff in most places is professional, very helpful and friendly. English (plus some other popular languages) is widely spoken.

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